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Buyer FAQs
Q. What is sellmeSTRAIGHT.com?
A. sellmeSTRAIGHT.com is a revolutionary concept in real estate sales that uses a model similar to popular dating sites. But rather than matching people with their dream dates, we're matching buyers with their dream home. With sophisticated profile based matching, say goodbye to tedious and time consuming home searches. sellmeSTRAIGHT.com delivers only the very best property matches based on your customized buyer profile.

Q. What are the benefits for home buyers?
A. Buyer Benefits:
  • Find your ideal home using sellmeSTRAIGHT.com's exclusive profile base matching technology. Using a sophisticated weighting system, the profile match is vastly superior to simple search engines offered on the leading real estate sites.
  • Save time by getting daily emails detailing homes matching your exact specifications delivered to you automatically. No manual searching needed.
  • Save money by working directly with home sellers. Since all home sellers on sellmeSTRAIGHT.com are private individuals, they are not paying realtor fees, and can therefore pass the savings on to you.
  • Gain access to the sellmeSTRAIGHT.com home buyer resource center, which can provide a wealth of information on buying a home without a realtor as well as access to relevant real estate and sales forms.
Q. How does it work?
  1. Simply fill out your Buyer Profile, which details the exact specifications of the home you are looking for, including your personal preferences and tastes.
  2. Once your home buyer profile is complete, sellmeSTRAIGHT.com will run a sophisticated matching algorithm to deliver you with a real-time list of the best potential homes for you to review in the My Account section. You can also receive a daily list delivered directly by email.
  3. If there are homes in your matching review list that you would like to explore further, then you can contact the seller directly through the site.
Q. What if I am using a realtor?
A. sellmeSTRAIGHT.com is designed to be used exclusively by independent home buyers and sellers and members of this site assume this to be the case. Therefore, if you are currently under contract with a realtor, be aware that some home sellers may not be willing to work with you.

Q. Is there a fee to use sellmeSTRAIGHT.com?
A. Full use of sellmeSTRAIGHT.com's home buyer services is provided completely FREE to registered members.

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